Program and Activities

DNNC Program and Activities

DNNC Steps to Success (DNNC STS) program is designed to provide scholarships to women and single parents for vocational training to become manicurists and cosmetologists. Mentorship, mental wellness along with classes in financial literacy, etiquette, nutrition, parenting, and more are provided free of charge to those who need it. DNNC STS also offers an opportunity to become a medical pedicurist that can result in earning a thriving wage in the Bay Area. Most participants learn about our program by word-of-mouth and DNNC STS beauty school visits throughout the Bay Area. Cohorts start spring and fall advanced nail care training while in school through an internship where DNNC STS provides job readiness and state license exam preparation. Once equipped, DNNC STS provides job placement and entrepreneurship opportunities leading to salon ownership. DNNC STS provides emergency stipends for utilities, emergency medical care, household needs and even gives away a car each year to a DNNC STS candidate. While our program is for one year, we remain available to those in need. Once a DNNC STS, always a DNNC STS family member.
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When you uplift a single mother you support an entire family's future.