2020 DNNC STS Gala

DNNC Steps To Success Car Giveaway

Luenell Campbell - Business Mom of the Year
Luenell is our mom of the year because she represents the majority of single mothers who are working hard to make a better life for their child but is not often applauded for their sacrifice, strength, and determination. We played a clip at our gala from her appearance on the show Iyanla Fix My Life because it is imperative that all mothers, especially African American mothers understand that YOU ARE ENOUGH! When you have done all that you can, that is all you can do. We applaud you Luenell because motherhood isn’t easy, your profession is difficult but you didn’t let anything stop you from creating a legacy of security for yourself and your daughter. Women like you do not abandon your children, you breathe new life into their existence so they will not have to struggle as you did! Bravo Luenell as our Mom of the Year! ​
Nia Ridgle - Business Mom of the Year
Nia’s journey into motherhood at the tender age of 17, while challenging, allowed her to find her purpose in life as a therapist. Nia has grown over the years by receiving help from her village of supporters to providing support to others as a therapist. Nia is now a beacon to women who have found themselves in dark places but felt they had no way out. The hard-fought journey Nia has learned from is part of the mental toolbox she uses to help others. Nia’s life, like our own, is pain repacked as a gift to help someone else along the way. Congratulations Nia Ridgle!
Treva Reid - Mom In Politics Award
Treva story is one of determination and fortitude as a young single mother in college working multiple jobs while still managing to graduate from Hampton University! Treva’s life is the kind of example we want to share with the women in our program and beyond to inspire and empower them! Treva has also been elected as the new councilmember of district 7 in Oakland, California. Congratulations Treva Reid!
We recognize Lavette Cephus while being a teen mom, Lavette did not let this stop her from pursing her dreams! Not only did you raise your own children, but she has made room in her heart to nurture others both in the nail business and personally. We applaud Lavette because she knows the meaning of the words, unselfish, kind, and compassionate. These are the qualities you are known for and as a result, you are now on the receiving end of the blessings you have put out in the world. You are a shining light in our industry and we know you will inspire others.
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