2019 DNNC STS Gala

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Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-California)
Delane’s Natural Nail Care’s Steps to Success (DNNC STS) has selected Congresswoman Barbara Lee to receive the DNNC Steps to Success Mom in Politics Award for her outstanding work as our 13th District Congresswoman! Many know of Congresswoman Lee’s stellar record as an outstanding advocate who is willing to stand alone for what is right but many are not aware of the fact that while she has fought for the welfare of her constituents she has done so as a single mother! Congresswoman Lee’s story emphasizes the fact that being a single parent does not mean you will not be effective as a parent and accomplished as a mother and women but quite the contrary, you can even rise to the top ranks of politics. DNNC Steps to Success is invested in outcomes and highlighting Congresswoman Lee’s journey will undoubtedly inspire our women to reach whatever pinnacle of success they choose to achieve. ​
Lauren Wireman - Nail Education and Inspiration Creator of Wildflowers Nail Academy
We admire the fact that Lauren has fought through adversity and trails to become a leader in the nail care industry; her success is now a beacon of light for woman who can see themselves in her, especially as a single parent. Lauren is proof positive that women are strong, resilient and amazing and can do anything they set out to accomplish despite their circumstances. DNNC Steps to Success is invested in outcomes and highlighting Lauren’s journey will undoubtedly inspire our audience and the women in our program. Again, we applaud Lauren Wireman for her success but for especially being a kind person with a beautiful spirit who helps others! ​
​SherriAnn the Stylist - LeCreme Beauty Studio
SherriAnn has been chosen as the DNNC Steps to Success Mom of the Year because of her ability to work hard at her job but work even harder as a parent. SherriAnn has been a trailblazer in the DNNC Steps to Success program from its inception. When she started in the program upon entering beauty school she was immediately recognized as having a unique talent as a hairdresser. When SherriAnn graduated from The San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology Paul Mitchell she was told that her name would be on the big screen one day as a celebrity hairstylist – well, her school was right. Prior to and since SherriAnn graduated from beauty school she has won awards for hair and her amazing hair designs have even been featured in Vogue Magazine. SherriAnn has worked with Rosalyn “Ros” Gold-Onwude, Aisha Curry, Kerry Washington, Eve, Reese Witherspoon, and many others and has worked on 2 seasons of the hit HBO show “Insecure.” While having a Hollywood presence and maintaining her private hair studio, SherriAnn has gone to great lengths to make sure her daughter is the center of her world. Her daughter is a smart, kind and caring child that is the product of wonderful parents and a mom who goes the extra mile. For all the ways SherriAnn shows up for her daughter while being the stylist with the most, we are proud to recognize SherriAnn as our programs Mom of the Year!
​Rikina Nevaeh Hall - Student at San Francisco State University
​Rikina Hall is proof positive that DNNC Steps to Success works! Khiana Block, Rikina’s mother, was one of the first participants of DNNC Steps to Success. Through mentorship from Delane and even support and guidance from DNNC clients, Khiana was soaking in knowledge that she applied to her life as a mother to her two beautiful and intelligent daughters. It takes a village to raise a child and DNNC Steps to Success is honored to be a part of that village. Rikina has been accepted to San Francisco State University and is the first in her family to start her Bachelor of Arts degree journey! Rikina we are so proud of you and we know this is just the beginning! ​
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