We are looking for those willing to partner with us to help enrich the life experience of our women i.e. restaurants, gyms, training programs, and financial sponsors.
DNNC Steps to Success program has informally helped mostly low-income black women obtain their manicurist license to earn a living wage. We’ve also provided our participants with social skills training to improve the quality of their lives and that of their children. We believe that when more mothers are skilled and financially stable, children are more successful in life and everyone in our society wins!
Over the years, we have witnessed how our efforts have broken generational cycles of poverty and dysfunction. It is a joy to see! At the same time, we have seen demand for our program grow.
According to the CDC, of 10 million low-income working families with children, 39% are headed by single working mothers or about 4.1 million. Single-parent families are among the poorest in the nation and as such, are extremely vulnerable to homelessness. Among all homeless families nationwide, over three quarters were headed by single women with children. These statistics along with Delane’ s own life experience is what inspires and drives this program.
Your gift provides critical support to ensure the young women in our program reach their full potential. When you lift up a single mother you lift up an entire family future.
Thank you for contributing to the beginnings of a program that has and will continue to improve the lives of women, families and children resulting in a better world for us all!
Examples of how donation can help just one single mother obtain a career
$1,500 Cosmetology School
$4,000 Medical Manicurist Certification
$1,000 Externship
$1,000 Emergency Fund
$2,500 Family Counseling

Make a Nomination

We would love your support by identifying a person who wants to attend nail school through our nonprofit DNNC Steps To Success. The person selected would also receive information and social skills support in the areas of financial literacy, etiquette classes, parenting classes and more! Your nominee can send us an email of 500 words or less telling us why becoming a nail tech is a desired carer. Our email address is [email protected]. We will select a winner at the end of January. Submissions must be made by January 17th, 2024. Our focus is African American single mothers, however. This opportunity is open to all who wish to apply.

Thank you

Want to make a difference?

When you uplift a single mother you support an entire family's future.