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We work towards improving family stability and quality of life for women and single parents
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Mission Statement

We help single mothers, particularly African American women, improve family stability and quality of life through mentorship, vocational training, social skill guidance and job placement.

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Providing social support & financial literacy skills to ensure successful outcomes for participants

DNNC Steps to Success is a program that works to empower and nurture the growth and development of undeserved woman with an emphasis on African American single parents by introducing participants to social skills, mental wellness, vocational training in cosmetology, mentorship, and thriving-wage employment to affect a positive change both in their lives and that of their children. By assisting single mothers, we are focusing on prevention rather than only employing reactionary measures. Our efforts will lead, both now and in the future, to the prevention of homelessness, poverty, poor physical and mental health, and crime. Taking these systemic and preventive measures helps to change the trajectory of families lives for a better future.
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When you uplift a single mother you support an entire family's future.